Fallon Fox: "I'm at a Disadvantage Tonight Against Jones"

The Inside MMA host asks Fallon Fox "Being born male doesn't give you a physical advantage?

Fox: "No not at all. ..(you)lose that ability to create large amounts of testosterone. I'm actually at a disadvantage......my testosterone levels are drastically lower than theirs (cis females), it’s almost nothing.”

Fallon Fox is on a level field fighting cisgender woman say the The Association of Boxing Commissions.

The IOC issued this press release IOC addresses eligibility of female athletes with hyperandrogenism a condition that produces abnormally high levels of testosterone in a cisgender woman resulting in what could be construed as 'unfair advantages". This condition is also associated with a transgender woman who has not undergone medical surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy(HRT).

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) published the Stockholm Consensus Statement in 2003 (Appendix B) produced by a ad hoc (unbiased) committee. The requirement for transgender athletes to participate in the Olympics is that they have had "surgical anatomical change and hormone treatment for two years" as Fallon Fox has done.

The NCAA policy supporting trans inclusive athletics.

Many individual high schools are already allowing trans students to play and the list continues to grow.

AB 1266 just passed the California state assembly and is now on the way to the Senate. This bill would require that a pupil be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school according to their gender presentation. HRT and surgery would not be required.

To watch Fallon Fox live tonight find the cable provider in your area that carries AXS TV.

On a personal level. I was in the Army ten years three of those in the infantry and even qualifying for air assault. Those days pre transition I easily trained up to and well beyond Army standards.

Now as a older athlete post transition what came easily with a burst of testosterone fired adrenaline in the past now must find a new home in my physiology. I am finding this will but it's emanating from a totally different place. It seems more innate, a drive I have always had but never accessed.

With my reduced muscle mass, larger breasts and firm but rounder butt the miles come much harder these days. It's been a grueling albeit rewarding uphill battle to get to a 1/4 of what I was able to accomplish in the past.

So is Fallon Fox a underdog tonight? I don't think so.

She may very well have nearly zero testosterone as I do, but I think she will demolish Jones in the first few moments of the fight. Not because she's transgender but because of her skill and training. I've seen that look in her eys in many of my soldiers. The smallest females. The one who at 90 lbs passed one of the army's most grueling mental and physical tests, Escape and Evasion. The test that one of my biggest roughest and toughest soldiers failed at, twice.

It's not the gender or size of the dog its the fight in the dog that matters.

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