Ground Breaking Kenyan Transgender Short "HOW TO SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA"

kujitambua na kujiamini.

Maria a transgender woman from Kenya explains how HRT and transitioning has affected her saying  "I feel complete now, I'm complete now I know I am, complete, complete. Her movie, the first in a series about transgender people in the east Africa premiered today at the 4th Regional Changing Faces Changing Spaces Conference in Naivasha, Kenya.

The conference brought together activists from the sex worker and LGBTI movements in East Africa, as well as activists working in other regions of Africa, and allies in the health and legal professions, human rights activists and organisations, and donor partners working in the Region (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi).

For the past 4 months Scottish film maker Tristan MG Aitchison has been working under commission documenting the transgender and intersex community of Nairobi. Six brave members opened up and shared their experiences of being transgender and intersex in Kenya - Living on the edge of the edge of society.

Learn more about at transgender kenya.com

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