Underage and Older Woman's Steamy Lesbian Romance "Blue is the Warmest Color" Takes Cannes

Abdellatif Kechiche's controversial film "Blue is the Warmest Colour" has premiered at Cannes, featuring non-simulated sex scenes that were described by critics as "show-stopping" and "the most explosively graphic lesbian sex in recent memory".

This proved true even for actresses Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydouxnwatched when they viewed the movie for the first time in its entirety during it's Cannes premiere.

"....when the sex scene was over, after what felt like it must have been 15 minutes of writhing, moaning erotic hunger, people in the audience burst into whoops of approval and applause — something I have never in my life seen happen after a sex scene. It’s not so much that the audience was being cute, attempting to acknowledge that the scene was “hot” (although yes, it seriously was). What they were applauding was the authenticity: the fact that the heat was real, and thus the heat had become the drama. Very Last Tango, except minus the perversity." ~ Inside Movies

Adèle reacts emotionally to a bully accusing her crassly of being a lesbian in front of her high school classmates.


15-year-old Adèle knows two things: she's a girl, and a girl goes out with boys. The day she glimpses the blue streaks in Emma's hair on the main square, she feels that her life is going to change. Alone with her teenage questions, she transforms the way she looks at herself and the way that others look at her. In her intensely close relationship with Emma, she is fulfilled as a woman and as an adult. But Adèle doesn't know how to make peace, neither with her parents, nor with this world full of absurd morals, nor with herself.

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