Charismatic Church Leader Rick Warren Scams Millions

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme

Found on Progressive News

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren's plea for donations to fill a $900,000 deficit at his Southern Californiamegachurch brought in $2.4 million, Warren announced to cheers during a sermon at the church on Saturday. Warren said the amount raised after the appeal was posted online Wednesday included only money parishioners brought in person to Saddleback Church by New Year's Eve. More was arriving by hand and by mail, he said.Ron Mills, Progressive News And Podcast, Jan 2010


Activists CRASH Equalty Turncoat NY. Sen. Hiram Monserrate's Christmas Party

Activists enraged with the defeat of marriage equality in the predominantly democratic NY Senate ruin Monserrate's Christmas party.

The poster to the right thanking Monserrate is from a previously unknown group "coalition for morality" has no known website and produces no google returns. It is speculated that Monserrate himself produced these posters.

In December 2008, NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate slashed his girlfriend now fiance's face with a broken glass. Hiram was convicted of the crime. This December woman abusing Hiram Monserrate voted AGAINST allowing loving committed NON-VIOLENT to marry. Sen. Monserrate believes his violent abusive relationship is superior to those of loving peaceful lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender New Yorkers. Angry LGBT activists crash Hiram's Christmas party on the anniversary of his slashing his fiance's face.
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