Hollywood Transgender Attackers Caught on Video Have you seen this man?

Scene outside the bar before the beating.

October 3rd these five people were taped running out of the Plaza a latino drag bar after a "transgender woman dressed as a man", probably a drag performer.

The main suspect is a Latino man, approx. 25 years old, white shoes, orange sweat, closely cropped hair and possiable wearing a gold medallion.

He was seen leaving the scene in a white late model suburban.

Please call the police at 213-922-9234 or 213-922-8268.

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McCance Death Wish for Queers Creates "Grave Situation"

Pleasant plains Arkansas population 267 give or take a couple of queers that kill themselves if of school board member Clint McCance has his wish.
Pleasant Plains Graveyard.

The Midlands school district website has removed all pictures and contact information. The district issued a statement condeming McCance's statement but distanced itself from him saying he acted as a private citizen.

Tens of thousands of angry concerned citizens LGBT and heterosexual agree on one thing, he should be fired immediately.

A school board member should never wish death for his students regardless if he is acting as a public official or a private citizen.

The concerned citizens also agree hate speech is unacceptable from anyone. Condemning children publicly to death is inexcusable regardless if someone is from a major metropolitan area or as in McCance's situation, a rural community. There is no excusing someone for wishing children dead. Period.