Susan Stanton's lonely transition

In a article posted on Tampa Bay.com December 31, 2007 Susan stanton laments that here reception by the LGBT community has been less than welcoming.

"Susan has met hundreds of other people like her. She was among the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people lobbying for a law that would make it illegal for others to discriminate against them.
But Susan has said all along that she's not like other transgender people. She feels uncomfortable even looking at some, "like I'm seeing a bunch of men in dresses."
Eventually, she decided it was too early for transgender people to be federally protected. People need more time, more education, she says. "The transgender groups boo me, now, when I speak. Isn't that ironic?
"But I don't blame the human rights groups from separating the transgender people from the protected groups. Most Americans aren't ready for us yet," Susan says. Transgender people need to be able to prove they're still viable workers -- especially in the mainstream.
"The biggest issue against the federal legislation is that politicians think the ladies' rooms will be invaded by guys in drag," Susan says, "instead of someone like me"

News flash Susan. You think like a bigot in a dress, and I as a hard working transgender woman , please note, WORKING, American do not need your approval .

So if you decide that out of default, becuse everyone else is a man in a dress, you parade before the media with HRC's blood money in hand, you have made your life just that more lonesome.

We reject you and anyone other bigots regardless


havasumoma said...

Wow, that was harsh.

Susan is new to all this. She admitedly has no support system, no friends, basically no family. She is feeling her way along in the dark.

Could it be that she is just confused? That her self-esteem is to low to allow her to see things the way you do?

No need to attribute to malice what may be done out of ignorance.

I think the compassionate thing to do is for us to work with Susan and show her the error in her thinking.

I work with families with trans kids and I doubt that Susan has considered their plight in all this ENDA circus. I plan to look her up and educate her. That is how we change the world...one heart at a time.

Hazumu said...

'Scuse me, I'm a broadcaster/journalist by trade. I've met celebrities who sought it out all their lives. And I've met celebrities who've had it thrust upon them.

Those who've been thrust into the harsh limelight of notoriety usually do not fare well.

I do not agree with the comments Susan Stanton made in that article.

I'm probably seen too often as 'a man in a dress', but still I'm very happy I transitioned. It was the right thing to do for me.

And because of my media experience, I understand a bit better than most what she's been through.

She's become a lightning rod attracting the hatred stored in the fundevangelist community.

I dare YOU, dear reader, to go through the same mess she's gone through and come through it unscathed and unchanged by it.

Let's show some understanding, not condemnation. She's already had enough of that.