Nationwide Response May 26 Cal. Marriage Day of Decision

Rallies Planned for CA Supreme Court Decision This Tues May 26th
Source : Queers United

The California Supreme Court will decide on the validity of prop 8 and the existing 18,000 same-sex marriages that have been performed during the months of May-November this Tuesday May 26th. Thousands of people will converge in cities nationwide in an effort to celebrate the decision, or to show their disapproval and rage while showing solidarity with a national movement for federal protections.Day of Decision
Nationwide organizing effort to respond to the courts decision, check for a city near you!
Meet in the Middle for Equality California activists will head to more conservative Fresno to demonstrate.

Dallas Texas
Queer LiberAction
Rally in Celebration or Protest at 7:00pm on the Day of the Decision
When the CA Supreme Court announces their decision on Proposition 8, we must act! We are calling you to join us for a rally in celebration or protest on the day of the decision. Protests will occur nationwide and our voices will be heard! We hope that we will come together in celebration, but must know that even in celebration we have many more battles to win and need to unite on the day of decision in one loud voice.
Rally:Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Meet on the corner of Oaklawn and Cedar Springs
Name:Email: Queer Liberaction: lgbtliberaction@gmail.com
POSTER & FLYER DOWNLOADS:http://queerliberaction.org/

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