Transgender Woman Decapitated Chihuahua, Mexico

Source Journal de Noticias: "The left image is that of the transgendered woman killed in a brutal way, are very strong images, but we believe it necessary to put them, and do not look the other way. To show the brutality and massacres as we are still on the planet by the mere fact of being transgender. Especially for those people who even question why we are visible in the search for the standardization, arguing that because we are men and women and that everything is gone and achieved."

"In a new attack against transgender community, was found yesterday the body of a transgender woman in Chihuahua, Mexico, who was beheaded and her body was lying in a colony than a mile from where her head was found."

"Media / Digital Journal transsexual. According to the facts, the discovery was made at six in the morning in the streets 25 and Salvador Zubirán, south of the city. In that place was found the severed head of a girl transsexual. Her face showed signs of having been beheaded in life, because her eyes were open as a sign of fear and terror."

"In the 16th and Justiniani was found the rest of her wearing a feminine blouse black, strech denim pants, blue and white tennis. The body was transferred to the Medical Examiner for autopsy law. Until yesterday at two o'clock in the afternoon the body was not identified. The investigations took over elements of the Special Unit for Crimes Against Life. Note that this is the second attack against a transsexual in a month, since a previous call girl known, Carola, was wounded in the belly with a knife by an unknown subject."

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Journal de Noticias
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Diario de Noticias
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planet trans said...

This is the real world 'ticked off trannies with knives' and unlike the fantasy comedy of Israel Luna it is NOT funny. There is no retribution on the behalf of the headless woman, only tears. Demand that ALL cinemas DO NOT show "Ticked Off Trannies with Knives"

The TennCo Organizing said...

Wow! Will this world change?

bme77 said...

That is true,that is the real world. And Lunas storey is a movie not depicting the real world but telling a made up storey that you may not, but others do want to see. For whatever they may get out of it. This storey saddens me deeply. But I am able to seperate new storeys and a movie. The only thing I dont care for in the article is the use of girl, woman, female and man all used to talk about the same person. I was stood by and taught people that ive worked with to address how they appear or be non gender specific if you dont know.

planet trans said...

@bme77 " Luna's storey is a movie not depicting the real world but telling a made up storey"

Luna's trailer started with the listing Angie Zapata's death. The only way Luna could ever get any attention paid to this pathetic flick was to insult transgender people. He was successful but by doing so he abandoned any claim that his movie is only a fantasy for entertainment.

I am bringing it right back to Luna. His movie has moved from fantasy to docudrama since he included real life murders.

What bothers people the most about this picture?

A dead body?

A dead headless body?

Certainly not that it it a dead TRANSGENDER persons body.

No one has complained about that yet or would have even given a damn that this transwoman was murdered so horrifically unless I posted it on TOTWK's wall.

For this I thank Luna.

Unwittingly you have made this transgender person's death acknowledged by a whole lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have given a rat's ass.

bme77 said...

Unfortunatley, the only reason the storey got out more by your post(I read about if before you posted it) is so you can try and validify your stand that the real death isnt funny like the movie claims? And since the movie is out you can attach Lunas work to it as a compairison? And the headline is not funny. The movie isnt ment to be real life also. It is ment to be a movie. I feel that attaching every horrific traggedy to the film and saying "is this funny?" makes your side look foolish to use real life events and exploit them to be more beneficial by the protestors and in your eyes give your stance more validity. At first it was the true storys beingmentioned int he trailor, that got taken off and now your onto something else. Nothing with satisfy the protestors. It will always be something. I cant agree with you because I am not trans, so I could never understand, sympathize, agree with you. Seems the main protestors dont care what it is they are hating as long as they get to hate. The movie does not reflect your life, but to others it may. Luna is the sick one in your eyes?