Transgender Hormone Self Medicating Resources

Whether you are gender questioning, a old transgender hand suddenly denied access to hormones or just curious about changing the method you receive your HRT doses here are some of the alternative cost effective options.

Inhouse Pharmacy is now Four Corners Pharmacy

Yahoo group Do it yourself Hormones MTF great resource but be careful, its not MD advice.

Getting Blood work without costy DR visits Priviate MD Labs.com

Online Pharmacies Links to some online pharmacies

FTM Discussion and Support Groups TG/TS discussion and support groups that are FTM-specific

FTM Information and Resources Information and resources specific to FTM needs

General TG/TS Discussion and Support Groups Discussion and support groups for MTFs and FTMs

General TG/TS Information and Resources Information, news, and resources for all transgendered people

Injection Supplies Links to supplies

MTF Discussion and Support Groups TG/TS discussion and support groups that are MTF-specific

MTF Information and Resources Information and resources specific to MTF needs


Dee Omally said...

For me, the Yahoo DIY Hormones group was better than any doctor. Why? because a sad fact is that most general practice doctors are clueless about GRT (Gender Reassignment Transition) as far as hormones go....often we have to teach them.....so..

There are so many persons with extremely helpful advice....it really is a group where the sum total of all the members is huge-mongouse!!

planet trans said...

I rely on the yahoo groups too. More often than not if someone gives you some erronous info someone else will straighten you out.

Anonymous said...

Nice...I do my own even though....mine is all free...doctors....therapy....all of it....religious and other groups began harassing me.....so I quit......I just can't be bothered by jealousy hate dissenters.....I even agree with them....I just don't care...I work from home...their lives are miserable anyway....boy did it take its toll on me...it ruined my looks being constantly insulted and isolated....glad I'm not the only one who goes diy...I'm not a hero....but it takes a lot of courage to be transgender. Other minorities join right in terrorizing me too....for once it's not them.....

Anonymous said...

I don't know how can I start hormone

my family doctor giving me difficulty.

Unknown said...

where to buy female hormones?