All Humans Begin Life With Female Genitalia

Did you know that geneticists have discovered that all human embryos start life as females, as do all embryos of mammals? I didn't until I watched the humorous take on it in the video below. About the 2nd month, the fetal tests elaborate enough androgens to offset the maternal estrogens and maleness develops.

The popular narrative is that it takes time to determine the sex of a baby because everyone is the same in the womb to begin with, which in itself is true. But what isn't said is that nearly every man had a clitoris and labia, the same as a female, during the 6 weeks or so of his life. Why isn't this talked about? That fact alone simply obliterates the patriarchy and most machismo men find the thought of it repulsive.

Warning. Adult conversation in the video below about sexual organs and gender. Sometimes laughter is the natural response when the truth is uncomfortable.

(Image Credit: Science Source)

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