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Boycott Payless Shoe Source and Christian Siriano

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies
Press Release


Kelli Anne Busey

Tell Christian Siriano and Payless Shoe Source that
'Hot Tranny Mess' = 'That's So Gay' = 'That is So Wrong'.

Tell Payless Shoe Source that you will not shop there until they discontinue selling the shoe line by Christian Siriano who's insistent repeating of defamatory language such as 'Hot Tranny Mess' and 'Fierce' have earned him monetary gain and a temporary spotlight at the expense of gender variant people.

Gay and lesbian people nationwide having had there fill of being ridiculed by hetero people repeating endlessly phrase's such as 'that's so gay' initiated an educational campaign that talked of the real dangers to school children. When impressionable youth are taught that gay and lesbian children are some how of less value, the gay and lesbian children become the targets of increasingly harmful taunts until it ends in events like the horrific murder of Lawrence King.

Now we are calling on gay, lesbian and allied people to show the same respect for transgender people. Allow us the same dignity that you demand. Stop using the hurtful defamatory phrase "hot tranny mess". IT HURTS. Not just transgender people but gender variant youth such as Lawrence King.