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Bloggers International News in Iran : آیا نمی ترسید باشید We are all Iranians

Caution Graphic Murder and Death not shown on commercial news outlets.

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Ahmadinejad, you may never claim again to not beleive in the final solution.

From Mir Hossein Mousavi Facebook page;

"Mir Hossein Mousavi میر حسین موسویOk, now all the world are going to show their supports to Iranains... This Friday, We all are going to send GREEN BALLOONS to the sky to show that now ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE IRANIAN. On 9/11 everybody was American, NOW THE WORLD IS IRANIAN. جمعه (ساعت ۱) آسمان تهران را سبز میکنیم. بادکنکهای سبزتان نشان آزادی طلبی مردم ایران. برای با لا رفتن بادکنکهایتان از هیدروژن یا دود میتوانید استفاده کنید.ا14 "

On April 2009 I did a story about the Iranian Supreme Councils pending rulings. They were in the process of deciding whether children and bloggers in Iran may be put to death for having dissenting opinions and publishing them over the Internet.

وكان عادل إطار التضميد. تنفيذ الحكومة الايرانية امس مذبحة واسعة النطاق ضد شعبها. إيقاف هذه التحديثات Twitter من الايراني منشق 21 ساعة قبل في مكافحة الإرهاب 0736 25 حزيران/يونيه 2009.

That was just window dressing. The Iranian goverment yesterday implemented full scale massacre against its own people. These Twitter updates from a dissident Iranian stopped 21 hours ago as of 0736 CT June 25, 2009.

Last Tweets from Persiankwiwi

Allah - you are the creator of all and all must return to you - Allah Akbar - #Iranelection Sea of Green
about 21 hours ago from web

thank you ppls 4 supporting Sea of Green - pls remember always our martyrs - Allah Akbar - Allah Akbar - Allah Akbar #Iranelection
about 21 hours ago from web

we must go - dont know when we can get internet - they take 1 of us, they will torture and get names - now we must move fast - #Iranelection
about 21 hours ago from web

Everybody is under arrest & cant move - Mousavi - Karroubi even rumour Khatami is in house guard - #Iranelection -
about 21 hours ago from web

they pull away the dead into trucks - like factory - no human can do this - we beg Allah for save us - #Iranelection
about 21 hours ago from web

Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan - unbelevable - ppls murdered everywhere - #Iranelection
about 21 hours ago from web

they catch ppl with mobile - so many killed today - so many injured - Allah Akbar - they take one of us - #Iranelection
about 21 hours ago from web

in Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping ppl like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher - Allah Akbar - #Iranelection RT RT RT

governments of Iran, China and Russia did not know how much the world cares. They thought they could silence the voice of freedom from their country with borders and political expulsions, then by decree then and threat failing that, by a show of force.

All that was left for ahmadinejad or Hitler is the final solution. Like any desperate tyrant he will be defied by the human spirit. This is universal, forever. Now they are committing genocide against our brothers and sisters.

Ahmadinejad, you may never claim again to not beleive in the final solution.
No you will NOT silence ME. We are all Iranians Today.


Call for an independent investigation into torture : Amnesty International USA

In a pivotal moment in our call for accountability, yesterday the Obama administration finally released the four infamous memos crafted to provide legal cover for the U.S. torture program.You and I know there is no legal form of torture. But Obama wants us to believe that "this is a time for reflection, not retribution."We've done plenty of reflecting, and the information in the memos only confirms what we've known all along. Torture is illegal under both domestic and international law and no set of legal memos can change that.Within hours of their release, the memos fueled new speculation that there is just too much out there now for Congress to ignore calls for accountability.

Incredibly, our lobby week is wrapping up today, giving us an amazing opportunity to push Congress on accountability, when they're most receptive to our calls, both in person and online. Send a letter now to Congress calling for a full and independent investigation.Before today, major editorial boards from the Boston Globe, Salt Lake City Tribune, and Philadelphia Inquirer threw their hat into the ring, calling for accountability.While we may have convinced editorial boards, it's Congress that has the power to setup independent investigations. This is the last day of our lobby week. While Amnesty members finish up their meetings, let's hit Congress from both on and offline.Send an email to your elected officials and tell them that you want to know the truth about torture. Once members of Congress realize they can't turn down the buzz about torture in their own districts, they'll have to confront the issue in Washington.The Obama administration has truly taken some important steps to correct past mistakes. Just a week ago, the CIA announced that it is no longer operating any of the secret overseas prisons used to detain terror suspects. While correcting some of these bigger problems certainly puts us on the right path, it doesn't tell us how we veered so far off in the wrong direction.By this time, anyone who isn't the slightest bit curious about how we became a nation that tortures needs a wake-up call. And we're just the group to give it to them!Thanks for standing with us,

Njambi Good
Counter Terror with Justice Campaign