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This Pussy Writer Riots With Yurodstvo! Balaclavas Everywhere!

As you probably already know the punk rock group "Pussy Riot" will spend the next two years in the most horrible of human conditions for 30 seconds of wild gyrations and a prayer that Putin be driven away by a feminist virgin Mary.

But, really, did they expect that to happen? Literally? Or was there a deeper meaning or other traditions that motivated Pussy Riot? As it turns out there is.

Pussy Riot's wild dance in the Church exposed the Infiltration Of Russian Orthodoxy By the FSB using a tradition familiar to many Russians, yurodstvo or foolishness for Christ. This as it turns out this is a Real Threat not just to Putin but the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church as evidenced by the charges that include 'religious hatred'.

It is love that motivates Pussy Riot worldwide.

'Putin Lit Fires'

State more time in prison
The more arrests - more happiness
And every arrest - with a love of sexist
After swinging his cheeks, as the chest and abdomen

But we can not be resealed in the box
Security officers overthrew the better and more

Putin ignites the fires of revolution
He was bored and frightened people in the silence
Whatever punishment he had - that rotten ash,
With no time in many years - the subject for wet dreams

The country is, the country goes to the streets with audacity
The country is, the country is going to say goodbye to the regime,
The country is, the country is a wedge of feminist
And Putin is Putin goes, leave cattle

Arrested on May 6 the whole city
7 years we have little, give me 18
The ban yelling, slander, and walk,
Take his wife's dad Lukashenko

Chorus 2 times.

Now Putin and his massive police state will not be sedated until they capture the remaining pussy rioters especially since they have vowed to do more performances. We have only one recourse. Everywhere Putin goes, Pussy Riot goes. We are all Pussy Riot.

Why should we as gender diverse the most marginalized of all minorities become Pussy Riot? Because Pussy Riot is everyone of us, regardless if we are transgender, Cisgender L.G.B. or even hetero.

Inside Russia the remnants of Pussy Riot to include their children are being chased and persecuted so we have to take the fight to Putin whenever her travels.

Balaclavas everywhere.