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Bathroom cop Barney says SNIP~SNIP~SNIP

To transgender people it is or will be as plain as the dangly thing or absence of, between your legs.

  • Who is responsible for this EPIC ENDA FAIL?

    Homophobic and transphobic 'religious' zealots mixed in with generic right wing political doomsayers, some sadly disguised as Democrats prognosticating the downfall of society should 'men with penises' be allowed in the women's room and in our classrooms.

  • Who among our supporters and benefactors would be so ignorant, transphobic or self serving to completely abdicate their responsibilities and refuse to vote for ENDA?

    The Congressional blue dogs of the United States Congress.

  • Who in the goverment has rejected these outrageous fear mongering tactics?

    The local and state governments who have previously passed like protections because they feel a moral obligation to protect ALL of the citizens within in their Cities and counties!

  • Who is NOT talking about this?

    The transgender people who are positioned in Washington to advocate on our behalf! They see this "concession" as something they can sneak past the transgender population so they can claim a historic victory!

    At your expense poor transwoman. Transmen are not exempt who have not had 'bottom surgery'! AS unjust as this concession may be the law MUST act equally regardless if you are a MTF or FTM.

    Pass or fail in Congress this is a no win. In fact it could be a draconian defeat sending transgender people back twenty years, ensnared in spiderweb designed to limit there growth and be all but prohibitive to gender questioning!

    This could mean death to so many yet to come.

  • What can you do? We have lobbied senators and Representatives. We have talked and emailed, educated untill our jaws and fingers have gone numb and to NO EFFECT!

    First lets contact the transgender 'leaders' who remain silent NOW! Demand they stop putting there ambition before our well being and TALK about the real reason ENDA is FAILING us so miserably.
    United ENDA
    ENDA NOW .com