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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Lies

Even Hitler suspended his murderous laws for the Olympics
LGBTQI athletes and people of moral conscious, you have been deceived and lied to by the IOC, major media outlets and Russian authorities in a scheme to get you to go to the Russian winter games. The IOC's mission is to get you to Sochi so that you spend every iota of your being and dollars in your righteous endeavour to bring home a medal, glory and fame for your country and corporate sponsors.

 In an August interview with RU Sport  (Putin's sports propaganda outlet), the CEO of the US Olympic Committee, Scott Blackmun, answered RU sports questions (as if they didn't already know):

What's your interpretation of Russia's anti-gay law and are there any measures you're planning on taking ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympics?
"We've read the law, there are over 200 national Olympic committees, and it's not workable for each of them to develop its own interpretation and approach with respect to the law, so were looking to the IOC for some leadership in this issue. they have been in discussions with the Russian authorities, so we're awaiting for some clarification from them."
 Asked if he felt responsible if American athletes were beaten or jailed for being LGBT Blackmun told RU Sports "we're not going to get involved" explaining that athletes need to obey the laws of the host countries and the "Gay Propaganda" law was "no different" from laws in other countries.

You might have to get involved if an athlete decides to make a protest.
"You can't judge in advance what you're going to do. Each Games is different. The athletes are always going into countries with laws different than his or her own country. They're going to agree with those laws in some ways, they're going to disagree with those laws in other ways. It's our strong desire that our athletes comply with the laws of every nation that we visit. This law is no different."
 "Our job, first and foremost, is to make sure that our athletes are prepared to compete and aren't distracted while they're here. We're a sports organization, and we'll leave the diplomacy on the legal issues to the diplomats, and we're not going to get involved."

    NO Different?

Mr Blackmun would you be so indifferent if this was you're family member.
Mr. Blackmun this is my Russian LGBT family. This was done by Putin's police the same goons who will be at Sochi. 

If Mr. Blackmun has his way 'gay propaganda' laws will become commonplace. oOher countries are watching the worlds reaction carefully as they too would love to legitimize beating and imprisoning of there LGBT citizens as Russia has done.

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After all that the IOC has done to muddy the waters  the simple act of painting one's fingernails the rainbow was considered promoting LGBT rights at the Moscow summer games.
There have been many mainstream article quoting athletes saying they would compete in Sochi but what of the common Russian? English speaking LGBT Russian are asking for a boycott! Boycott/protest at the Russian Winter Olympics


Russian Officials Flip Again: Now say they WON'T beat up LGBT people at the Sochi Winter Olympics

Another turn around, yet another de facto acknowledgment by Russian officials regarding the immorality of the "Gay Propaganda Laws"

Originally, The Olympic committee (OIC) in a effort to stifle the worlds objection to sending there athletes in harms way at the 2014 Olympics claimed a unnamed Russian official  had given them assurances LGBT athletes would not be persecuted under the "Gay Propaganda Law". This was a optimal evasion by the OIC since it would have freed them of any moral obligation or claims of liability in the event the Russians didn't temporally suspend the law and beat people except.....

......that no sooner than that dog and pony show ended a cosponsor of the anti LGBT law, Vitaly Milonov, a Member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, said "If a law has been approved by the federal legislature and signed by the president, then the government has no right to suspend it. It doesn't have the authority." So the hate fest was back on....

....and if left at that Russia probably would have faced an all out boycott something they were not prepared to do. There is a lot of money to be made and prestige and ego to satisfy.
So today another in a series of  abrupt about faces, 100Wapi reports that "Russia said on Sunday that athletes and guests attending next year’s Winter Olympics will not be subject to the country’s stringent new anti-gay law."
“The Olympic Games is a major international event. We need to be as polite and tolerant as possible. That is why a decision has been made not to raise this issue during the Olympics,” Igor Ananskikh, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy Committee, told Interfax."

"His comments came just a day after Russia’s sports minister warned that athletes and spectators would be accountable under the law."

Dear Mr. Igor Ananskikh what of the mobs, the bullies the orthodox 'christian' criminals who always show up whenever one or more LGBT person gather to beat them up? YOUR country not only encourages this violence but turns a blind eye when it happens. Mr. Igor Ananskikh your country needs to change those laws and start enforcing laws that protect all tour citizens now.

Russian officials assurances may seem creditable enough to allow corporations, the IOC and politicians to ignore the  brutal treatment of intellectuals, LGBT and opposition parties which will undoubtedly resume immediately following the "international competitions". So Putin will have his games.

EXCEPT Putin has not taken into account the worlds population which can see through his facade, his pretensions and faux humanity. That is why transaction Convergence sponsored the petition No Pussies No Games: Boycott / Demonstrate at The Russian Winter Olympics.

We're not petitioning politicians, corporations or the IOC. Its understood who they are, they don't care.

This is the voice of the people who you beat.

The voice of the people you brutally oppress.

This is the voice of the people calling out to one another to make a moral commitment to force Putin to lead Russia away from the path he has put her on. This will work regardless if athletes and attendees decide to boycott or demonstrate at Sochi because the reality is that many athletes and guests feel that there attendance is a more valuable form dissension.

And with this temporary suspension of a legally enacted Russian law by a bureaucrat for the temporary safety of LGBT visitors and artists, Putin has ONCE again shown how righteous any protest might be.

Balaclavas for everyone. Free Pussy Riot 


No Pussies No Games: Boycott Russian Winter Olympics Подшлемники для каждого

There is a growing movement on Facebook to show solidarity with the Russian feminist Group Pussy Riot by Boycotting the Russian 2014 Winter Olympics.

There is even a vote to honor Pussy Riot Time Woman Of The Year. This is important as mainstream media not only recognizes Pussy Riot but places the group among the Worlds Most Influential Woman.

Update 12/1/12 I have spoken with colleagues in Russia and have been encouraged to author a petition demanding their release before the Russian Winter Olympics. I did so. Please sign No Pussies No Games: Boycott / Demonstrate at The Russian Winter Olympics

Now that Putin has signed the "Gay Propaganda" law and it's companion law criminalizing offending the Orthodox Church, how could people of conscious participate in the Russian 2014 Olympics?

Pussy Riot's artists persecuted during a trial mocking the Russian judicial system were made examples of by Putin for trying to open their comrades minds to consider what is happening in their country.

Its time to make this know, Russia and the world will not quietly acquiescent to Putin's tyranny.

Russia passes Anti Gay Law

Putin signs a law prohibiting 'offending' the Orthodox church

And even world leaders are openly questioning Putin..

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This struggle for human rights is going on now but who is Pussy Riot?

"Even though they put us in jail, we have not lost"

About art as a political statement and the freedom of speech in Russia.

What is happening in Russia?

Is the country in the process of obtaining a new, authoritarian state ideology, with the church taking the place of the party?

The Pussy Riot affair is only one among many attacks on the freedom of speech and artistic freedom in the country.

Oslo World Music Festival is the initiator and arranger of this seminar, in cooperation with the Nobel Peace Center, Amnesty International and Norwegian P.E.N.

Yozh (Groundhog)-- member of Pussy Riot, artist, film director and feminist. Involved in projects connected with problems in education, health protection, prison system, gender rights, women's rights, immigrants' right. Has participated in several Pussy Riot stunts speaks:

Pictures of families homes in Sochi, the city of Olympic Games as they are being torn down leaving them only moments to evacuate. This is being described in mainstream media as "heroic efforts" by the Russian goverment.