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Dan Rather on Bill Maher: Mainstream Media's Corruption

This is a not transgender centric post but in reality it has everything to do with what you read on planetransgender. Dan Rather was my idol growing up. My rock. He was the one person you could trust. You could count on his unbiased reports to be factual and honest uncorrupted by corporate influence and during the Vietnam war, a critically important distinction.

Now all of that has gone away, for mainstream media anyways. As Dan said the firewall between corporations and the news room no longer exists. And that very reason is why so many people are turning to social media for news, but its a duel edged sword. Like I said I am a liberal trans woman with queer tendencies and my blog and columns reflect that.

We believe what we read and are increasingly turning to sources that feed that desire for validation. That goes the same for everyone, liberal or right wing.

However I promise you that I will never knowingly mislead you or lie to you. Just saying.