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Man Charged in murder of Baltimore Transgender Woman Dee Green

Baltimore Sun Larry Douglas, 20, of Baltimore has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing of _____ Dee Green__, 25, of the first block of N. Woodington Road in Southwest Baltimore.

A counselor said she knew Green as "Dee," and that Green identified as a woman.

In November, Green was recognized at a vigil at City Hall commemorating International Transgender Day of Remembrance, according to an item on Baltimore Brew, a local news Web site. One who attended the event, Cydne Kimbrough, founder and director of the Gender Learning Advocacy and Support System, said in an e-mail to The Baltimore Sun that Green had been a client.

"We were helping her start the process of going to school and [the] name-change process," Kimbrough said. "She was very interested in a better quality of life for herself."

Dee Green is listed on the Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorializing 2009

Unidentified person [Dee Green] dressed in woman’s clothes
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Cause of Death: Stabbed
Date of Death: October 25, 2009
Police found her lying unconscious and bleeding in the street.
They took her to the hospital where she died a half hour later.
Original Source: Baltimore Sun

The first Day of Remembrance was held in San Francisco in 1999 as a vigil for Rita Hester, murdered in that city on November 28, 1998. Since then, Day of Remembrance ceremonies have spread to over 150 cities, from Minsk to Tel Aviv to Yogyakarta, Indonesia—anywhere that transgendered people live, die and are not too afraid to speak out in public against the violence, discrimination and prejudice they confront daily.
“We have to fight every day just to maintain a sense of self,” said Falina Laron, a peer educator and trans outreach worker at AIDS Action Baltimore.