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Soulforce Equility Riders coming to Dallas and Ft. Worth !

Don't miss it! The Q Riders will be in the DFW !


Friday, October 24th, Dallas Baptist University,
11:30 am, Press conference outside DBU (not open to public)

12:00 noon, Riders enter campus

Saturday, October 25th,

2:00 pm, Community Gathering at Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple Ave. Dallas

Monday, October 27, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

2:00 pm, Equality Riders are escorted onto campus

3:30-5:30 pm, Vigil on the edge of campus


Six Soulforce Q Riders Arrested Trying to go to Church

According to a article by By Scott Travis of the six Soulforce members were arrested Monday the 13th of November after attempting to enter the Atlantic Palm Beach University chapel sanctuary to attend a 11:00am service.

The SOULFORCE PRESS RELEASE of October 13, 2008 tells of the terrifying night leading up to the arrests of the Q Riders. Late at night the door of one of the buses was broken and the exterior damaged.

It is this writers question, what was the Q-riders offensive behaviour that predicated such a preemptive move by this University. Did the University beleive that perhaps this sexual Conduct code found in "the navigator" was in immediate danger of being violated?

"*Sexual Misconduct
Sexual activity that is inconsistent with biblical teaching, such as: sexual activity outside
the bonds of marriage, sexual harm*, sexual harassment and homosexual behavior"

Or perhaps the University feared the unraveling of historic and religious misconceptions and rhetoric by the realization that GLBT people experience the same irresistible love for Jesus Christ as non LGBT people and that we all are sinners and loved by Jesus the same?

Kelli Busey