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Virginia Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio(R) Should Resign for unrepentant Transphobic Slurs

Tell Eugene A. Delgaudio, pictured left, transgender people are not "Real Life Tootsies".

Anyone who has attended a council meeting where the expansion of LGBT liberties are debated have memories indelibly imprinted on there minds of seemingly normal neighbours suddenly and inexplicitly transformed into disillusioned venomous bigots. However most comments by citizens and council members are contained within civil discourse, and regardless if one disagreed, were not statements that would inspire violence.

Virgina Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio(R) has crossed the line of civility and has unrepentantly attacked transender people repeatedly with sentiment that in fact encourages violence towards transgender people.

This is not a attack on freedom or speech but a attempt to insure that our right to freedom of speech is not abused by government officials who espouse sentiment that gives credence to violence.

Virgina Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio(R) should Resign.

Equality Loudoun Believes that Delgaudo's remarks were another attack and ask you to email the council members and express your views.

Supervisor Delgaudo has made it clear he will not moderate his language and must be removed so that it becomes known that the public only accepts civil language while addressing minorities by our elected leaders.

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