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Why Should I?

"Why Should I?"

This is the response I received from a religious leader after he read my scathing note critiquing his behaviour during a transgender event and an invitation to continue the conversation.

I think it gave him the opportunity to slam the door shut.

Why should you care about the effect your actions are having on the gender variant?

By allowing your religion to lend credence to violence committed against gender variant people you are fueling the unbroken cycle of of violence and condemning us to horrific deaths. By being the leader of a major religion you are amplifying this message in a way that none other could, that we are less than you.

What is your motivation? Not the little voices to be sure. Or could that be why you got so angry? Is that why when I attend church some pastors look at me with such fear?
Look at me with fear! My god man, it's not my physical stature for sure. No it only could be one thing.

The Truth.

The fear is that I exposure our monetarily driven religions and the duplicity it nurtures by it's continuation of profiteering from the brutal transgender murders.

What is HRC's Motivation? Make one or two million dollars a night and hand local churches and 501's their 1 for 5 payoffs. Whats the hurry to change anything?Everyone is fat and happy.

Except you. When I show up. And the dead, and oh yeah, Jesus.

By Kelli Busey
December 13, 2008