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NY Ponders Transgender Hate Crime Provisions Meanwhile WE Holla Back!

With the passage of a New York State hate crime bill that provided prosecutors a method of insuring more than a one day incarceration for perpetrators of violence against gay people, many including myself breathed a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, those recently enacted laws do not cover violence intended to terrorize transgender people as a class . The result of passing gay only hate crimes laws has left transgender victims like Carmella Etienne (left) unprotected, since NY gender specific crimes are unreported resulting with criminals empowered and anonymous.

The The violence experienced by transgender people in New York is but one state in a country that left to its devices, leaves transgender people behind. How much harassment, how many beatings, how many deaths will go unreported as hate crime? How many transgender people will die before we are recognized as citizens that are targets in terror.

One New York grass roots initiative to end street harassment is seeking funds from the Knight Foundation.Hollaback is entered for a $100,000 grant to implement a system to photograph and text via cell a description of the incidence which will be offered to the public including maps detailing the occurrence and statistical data as to location.

You can Hollar Back in Texas; Holla Back Texas