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Trans woman Jessica Watkins, Oath Keeper Wants a Get Out of Jail Card

Transgender woman Jessica Watkins
Jessica Watkins insurrectionist oathkeeper

Transgender woman Jessica Watkins, a former Army ranger and Oath keeper charged with conspiring to storm the US Capitol, has asked to be released from jail pending trial, alleging that she has been “treated harshly” and is at “particular risk in custody” because she is transgender, according to BuzzFeed News. 

She also argues she is no threat to the public and only went to the Capitol because “She believed that the President of the United States was calling upon her.”

Rot in hell 
Jessica Watkins. Better yet, I hope you get sentenced to life at Fort Leavenworth.

I may be just be a leg, but I am smart enough and patriotic enough to never have dreamed to do what you did. In other words, I was a soldier.

As a former Ranger you recruited, trained civilians and coordinated an attempted military style coup, 

I used to train civilians for military duty as a 
 Infantry Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard. 

The difference is that I performed my duties to protect my country. 

You led an insurrection to overthrow my country.

Your invasion of the Capitol Building of the United States on the day that the presidential election was to be certified was the most traitorous un-American act imaginable.

“Jessica Watkins this is the FBI with a warrant. Come to the back door with your hands up and empty,” an FBI officer is heard saying over a bullhorn in the video.

Kelli Anne Busey Proud Trans Woman US ARMY US Army National Guard SSG/Retired