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ROB and Arnie KRXQ and KDOT Supporters Pull You Endorsement of Child Brutality

KRXQ Remaining Sponsors of the Rob and Arnie Show

Copy and Paste Advocate email and email at bottom of post;
STATE FARM INSURANCE:Dawn Fones, Public Affairs Specialist at (309) 766-2259

Steve Bloomquist,

JARED JEWELERS (of Sterling Jewelers Inc., of Signet Jewelers)David Bouffard, Consumer and trade media 1 330 668

GUITAR CENTERNorman Hajjar, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officeron twitter as VeneziaContact form:—Contact-Us-Landing-g10075t0.gc


Ellie Applen, Media Contact (email is bouncing.)Contact form:

SLEEP TRAIN MATTRESS CENTERSDale Carlsen, President of Sleep

PURINAKeith Schopp, Public Relations

HAWAIIAN AIRLINESKeoni Wagner Vice President – Public Affairs (808)

Patrick Dugan, McNeil Wilson Communications (808)

PEP BOYSAlexandra Spooner, Communications

Ray Arthur, Chief Financial Officerinvestorrelations@pepboys.comGRIFFIN & REED



Sample letter, feel free to copy and past any or all~

Please Remove Your Companies Support From The ROB and Arnie Show,,,,,,,,,,,

Whom it Concerns

The Diatribe advocating mental anguish and physical assaults against children heard on the Rob and Arnie show was morally reprehensible.

It is the hope of every decent American to live in peace without "BEAT DOWNS" as Rob and Arnie prescribed being a daily ritual.

I do not understand why any company would not immediately remove support on moral grounds unless there are more important issues than defenseless children for your company to consider.

What is 'your policy?'