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We love Lucie: The Life of a transgender woman in Arkansas

A huge transgender hug go's out to the Arkansas Times of Little Rock for it's heartfelt and sensitive story about being transgender in the bible belt."They loved Lucie"

Pictured right Lucille Marie Hamilton
September 30, 1988 - July 12, 2009

Also hugged is the organization CAR Center for Artistic Revolution. CAR is a 501(c)(3)-sponsored statewide organization that strives for Fairness and Equality for ALL Arkansans. CAR works from the analysis that all oppression is interconnected and seeks to dismantle oppression and build community through education, organizing, advocacy, and cultural work.

Today Facebook's Inclusive ENDA sent me its daily Legislator of the day and it was Arkansas!

These three legislators have a history of voting yes on LGBT affirmative issues. Please call them and express your support of ENDA.

Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat, though fairly conservative on many issues, voted for the hate crimes bill. Please call him at 501-324-6336 to support S 1584.

Senator Blanche Lincoln, also a Democrat, has cosponsored a previous bill with sexual orientation and gender identity, and voted for the hate crimes bill. Please call her at 501-375-2993 to support S 1584.

Representative Vic Snyder, also a Democrat, voted yes on the hate crimes bill and on ENDA in 2007. According to Wikipedia, while in the Arkansas legislature, Snyder stepped into one of his earliest legislative controversies when he attempted to repeal the state's aged "Sodomy Laws". Ultimately, however, his efforts failed, and the sodomy laws stayed in effect until the state Supreme Court struck it down in Jegley v. Picado in March 2001. Please call him at 501-324-5941 to support HR 3017.

The other three Arkansas Representatives, Marion Berry, John Boozman, and Mike Ross, all voted against ENDA in 2007.

Representative Marion Berry (D - 01) 202-225-4076 Representative John Boozman (R - 03) 202-225-4301 Representative Mike Ross (D - 04) 202-225-3772

Facebook Legislator of the day

Source The Bilerico Project