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Pussy Riot In a Mosque? What would Allah Do? @Freepussyriot

This post means no disrespect to the Muslim faith which sadly I am ignorant about. I hope to point out Muslims are talking about Pussy Riot and not all are in agreement with Putin's assertions that they been far worst off had they done a punk prayer in a mosque.

Al Jazeera reported: (Putin)...suggested the women would have faced swift punishment without trial if they had put on a similar performance in Israel or in Muslim areas of Russia's Caucasus.

"Or if they went to the Caucasus and desecrated some sacred Muslim place, we would not even have time to protect them," he was quoted as saying."

I knew Putin was validating the extraordinarily unjust inhuman way Pussy riot was being treated by inferring another religion might not have been as understanding, but who was I to argue. I knew nothing about that, until now that is..

Наби Гитинов (GNabi) posted the following note on his facebook wall which was linked to by retweets a hundred ninety times including a Imam from Russia, n_mustafin a man of faith, "SUPERVAZHNY post from a Muslim about the fact that Pussy Riot would have done in the mosque. Read and do the RT!"

Was it just an opinion of a single Muslim, or a consensus? Judgeing by the number of retweets it was a shared opinion. The link leads to this story...

(One time) a Bedouin began to urinate (right) in the mosque, people got up (from their seats), to pounce on him, but the Prophet, may Allah bless him and be welcomed, told them: "Leave him alone and pour a bucket of urine on his (or: ... bucket) of water, because, really, you just sent to facilitate, not to make trouble! " (Al-Bukhari)
In other words, this was done in order to facilitate rapid comprehension of human precepts of Islam, and not to alienate the people from this religion. Make this conclusion themselves, do not let the rumors that the type of "Muslim foundations participating pussi riot would cut off their heads." No they do not cut off the head would be if they came and would have done in the mosque that did in the temple. But this does not mean they are allowed to do this in the mosques. On such cases committed in the mosques have heard a lot. In the past, or even two years ago (can not remember exactly), the mosque in Makhachkala ran completely naked girl. She was wrapped in a carpet and carried. She is nobody did anything. We talked and released ..."

From this narrative I presume that the Muslim leaders and his followers concur. If Pussy Riot had done a punk prayer in that Mosque they would have been educated in a way that would have promoted their understanding and released.

Note to Putin and Krill. The world now knows their choice of prayer locations was not random.

What would Allah do? I hope the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin stop using ignorance as a tool of violence and do as both Jesus and and I think Allah would do as well.

Free Pussy Riot.