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Demand NBC Pulls SNL Estro-maxx skit Humiliating Transgender people

Demand SNL apologizes for and pulls "Estro-maxx" skit exploiting the most vulnerable of minorities.

In this skit Transwoman are intentionally misrepresented by male actors as gay in these enduring images of 'bearded men in dresses with penises'.


SNL achieves cheap laughs by explaining the effects that Estrogen has on a biological male physique pointedly explaining how it shrinks the testicles. This is true, but not mentioned is that estrogen also shrinks the size of ones penis. Both effects being undesirable for MTF's who are contemplating a inversion type sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) since it may limit the amount of material used for depth of the vagina during the inversion process.

Now SNL, SRS takes balls.

This attack by SNL on our image is possibly the single most violence enabling action any network could ever undertake.

I suggest SNL should GROW a PAIR and MAN UP. Heck I got a bigger pair and I've been on estrogen for five years.

Comment at NBC/Comcast about the SNL video Estro-maxx

Join with GLAAD in condemning the SNL skit Estro-maxx