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B4 the 1st kiss: TELL your date you're transgender! What was GLAAD thinking?

Save a life! What was GLAAD thinking?

Before your first kiss make sure you tell your romantic interest about your being transgender and exactly what you have between your legs. Period. To do otherwise makes you culpable and at least in part responsible for your partners anger if they should react so when learning of your genitalia or history post kiss. If you are in it for a meaningful relationship honesty is the cornerstone.

What is GLAAD Thinking?

The New York Times in open public discourse recommends honesty, discretion and respect between perspective romantic partners even if the cisgender person feels rightfully mislead and Glaad objects

Open public discourse between cisgender people involving our emerging transgender community invites some unintentional misuse of language. However was that a typo by the New York Times "transgender ed" or a taunt aimed at GLAAD?

Are transgender people being used as a weapon welded by the NY Times and GLAAD? If this is so, in this instance, GLAAD needs to seriously reconsider it's motivation and the results of its actions on the transgender community. The same people it portends to champion.

Persecuting those like Cohen who did not strictly adhere to the guidebook hurts the transgender community by inhibiting dialogue and discourse. Wars are averted by discussion a good friend reminds me.

GLAAD What are you thinking?

Kelli Busey 7/13/2010