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Video: FEMEN inside of the Notre Dame de Paris: NO More Homophobic fascist Benedict XVI No More Pope

FEMEN France sextremists played a funeral march by ringing bells of the citadel of Catholicism Notre Dame de Paris for the Pope. The fight between activists and grieving popephiles and the security took place during the action . The stuff of the museum decided to switch off the light to obstruct the work of journalists.

FEMEN NO MORE POPE from FEMEN Video on Vimeo.

FEMEN France noted the final hour of the homophobic Pope. FEMEN is congratulating the whole progressive world with the resignation of fascist Benedict XVI from the place of the head of the Catholic mafia. It's symbolic that today is the day of the voting of law of same-sex marriage in France. The ex-Pope was a fierce opponent of gay marriages. FEMEN applaud the complete capitulation of the middle age homophobia! Pope go to the devil! Viva common sense! Viva freedom!
video by Joseph Paris Femen France Facebook