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Presbyterians Move Closer to Ordaining GLBT Clergy Soulforce 11 arrested after Marriage Equality Inaction

National Presbyterians conference moves ahead on ordaining GLBT clergy but hedges on marriage equality. Soulforce civil disobedience after justice was once again denied for marriage equality ministries results in eleven faith activists arrested.

"After the press conference, the national body voted to remove all barriers to ordination for LGBT people. This action now goes to the 173 presbyteries for a vote. Half of the presbyteries must approve it before it becomes policy. Two years ago, the presbyteries came closer than ever to passing ordination equality. This vote will occur in the next nine months." Glaad Blog

I don't know if you have ever had a opportunity to attend a Soulforce direct action where people of intense faith gather to participate in changing history, but if you do it will forever change you.~kelli