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San Francisco On Track To Pay For Uninsured Resident's SRS Starting Fall 2013

San Francisco California may soon become the first US city to provide Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)  to its uninsured residents according to the minutes of  November 6 2012 meeting of the Department of Health.

The City's Board of Supervisors resolution calling for the removal of the exclusion of SRS from the Cities "Healthy San Fransisco" regulations was favorably received by the Health Commission who published this memorandum.

The Health commission has put into motion the machinery necessary to make this happen by publishing a resolution, yet to be approved pending studies, to enable the city Hospital the funding and protocols necessary for this surgery.

This is truly a historical moment in our march towards equality. Major Kudos to all who are making this happen.

As a side note, I hope my city of Fort Worth will take notice of this, since they adopted all of the 20 recommendations made in the wake of the Rainbow Lounge Raid with the exception of one,

Such a missed opportunity! Texas are you going to be OK being 2nd best? There's still time to be the first! Enact all of the 20 recommendations, not just 19!