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The Screaming Queens Are Free! || Well For $1.99 Anyways!

I might be the last person in the world to find this out have roots. I have roots and we have a movie about the beginning of our struggle for freedom.

While I was doing some research I stumbled upon an iconic movie 'The Screaming Queens' and wanted to watch it but the website that marketed it gave few options to view it, all too expensive for Joe or josephine trans person (like me).

Effectively putting our history out of our enterprise being what it is....the least profitable purchase option usually not being the most visible option to obtain a product...I posted about there an affordable way?....

....and Alexis Whitham, Educational Programming and Acquisitions Manager for Frameline which markets LGBT movies emailed me in response to the planetransgender post Frameline Stop Holding The Screaming Queens Hostage (for $250.00 or $36.00). Alexis told me that the the Frameline Website is being redone so presently it did not have all the option for buying or watching the movie (including the cheaper options).

As it turns out the streaming version of The Screaming Queens online is available on Amazon streaming video for $3.99 for indefinite viewing and for $1.99 for a seven day rental.

Is the streaming version good? Does it take forever to load? Is it constantly buffering?

Yes, no and no. I watched it last night on my slow Clear Wireless connection and it was perfect, loaded in seconds and didn't pause even once for buffering. But more than just perfect, the movie is incredible.

Really. Family, watch this movie. I'm old enough so I can identify with much of what our sisters went through but take the discrimination I have faced and still endure and multiply it times incomprehensible.

Our sisters died on the street because they were given no option. No choice but to riot. None. They fought for our right to life at Gene Compton's Cafe.

Here's how to watch the Screaming Queens for $2.19 tax included. After clicking this link to Amazon Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria you will first see a number of pricier purchase options but if you want the $1.99 version scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find a link which when clicked will bring you to your destination.

The Screaming Queens for $1.99. Enjoy.