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Sandy Rawls: Being Transgender in Maryland (via Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast)

Sandy Rawls, leader of Trans-United speaks to Sheilah Kast of 88.1FM NPR on 3.11.2011 about what it is like to be transgender in Maryland today.

The hot topic is the pending bill HB235.

Which is opposed as written by Sandy's group, Trans-United, and the other transgender group, Transmaryland, Maryland Senator Rich Madaleno, University of Maryland students, nearby LGBT equality organizations, local transgender journalists, advocates and a national bloggers......
.....not directly linked to Equality Maryland, the sole proponent.

The reason for the transgender community's opposition to HB235 a bill purported to protect us?

This bill does not include transgender people in protection as a minority under § 20-301. 2010 Maryland Code Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation

The lack of this key provision may be contributed to the delegates ignorance as Sandy points while speaking in general terms of her experience lobbying in Annapolis.

Sandy explains: "I talked to three delegates in Annapolis and all three indicated they may change their position on voting for gender anti discrimination bills but they told me I don't know what I'm voting for so the key here is education"

Education is indeed needed Sandy. We must stop this dangerous bill from becoming law and having a long term disastrous effect on the transgender community.

Dear Legislators, follow these links and get your education in gear!

Feministing, Transadvocate, Bilerico project Endablog , Оригинал сообщения Russian link to Pams House Blend Post, Trans Work Place , to name a few.