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Marcela Romero is Argentina's Woman of the Year and Transgender!

"...somos personas que venimos de una lucha fuerte, no ese estereotipo or we are people who come from a strong fight, not the stereotype." Please meet transgender activist Marcela Romero Argentina's Woman of the year!

The Dallas Voice reports that "The honor was conferred by the Committee on Women and the Family in the lower house of the Argentine Congress in recognition of Romero’s 10-year court battle to have legal documents issued recognizing her identity as a woman."

This accomplishment is astounding. Ms. Romero'a battle for life has included separating her transgender expression from the patriarchal, hetero and homo-normative misogynistic "drag Queen" genre, imprisonment and physical assault. The recognition of Ms. Romero by Argentina's goverment was not a universally appreciated event as some of the members of the government's lower house walked out during the announcement.

I wonder if any of the upset people were American conservative ultra orthodox Anglicans who recently absconded to the "Southern Cone"?

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By kelli Anne (former Anglican) Busey