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Sylvia's Place NYC LGBT Youth Shelter Annual Holiday Benefit Drive


I hope this finds us all having survived the Thanksgiving holiday
relatively unscathed, but it is time to get down to some serious
issues...... and serious parties!.

Tuesday December 15 @ The Phoenix
Thursday December 17 @ Nowhere Bar

These are the dates for our annual food and clothing drives and
holiday parties for the benefit of Sylvia's Place, the emergency
shelter for homeless transgender, gay and lesbian youth in New York

I think anyone who reads my posts and blogs is aware of the homeless
TLGB youth crisis in New York. Sylvia's Place has been doing the best
it can for many years now, but they are in seriously bad shape this
year with the city having pulled the major portion of their funding.
Sylvia's now operates only with the help of people like you.


Desperately and urgently needed this year:

Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Personal hygiene products
Warm socks
Cold and Flu medicines-generics and store brands are fine
Basic first aid supplies
Canned and boxed food goods
Coats,jackets, and gloves-used and clean is fine
Hats and caps-used and clean is fine
Scarfs-used and clean is fine
Blankets-used and clean is fine

You can help our TLGB family, our kids, by donating any of the above
AND enjoy some great parties at the same time! Bring your items to:

Tuesday Dec. 15 @ The Phoenix
W. 13th Street btw. 1st Ave and Ave A
9 PM

Thursday Dec. 17 @ Nowhere Bar
322 E. 14th Street btw.1st and 2nd Aves
9 PM

We will make sure your donations get delivered to Sylvia's Place
promptly AND you can enjoy all the great Holiday spirit, great people,
and John's famous party food! (he's an awesome chef!) These parties
are NOT to be missed!

Can't make the parties? Not in the NYC area? That's a major bummer
and you'll certainly be missed, but you can still contribute and
donate to Sylvia's Place. You can send a small check or money order
to Sylvia's OR ship your donations there!

All donations are tax deductible and can be shipped directly to:

Homeless Youth Services

Checks and money orders should be made payable to
M.C.C.N.Y.Y. S

Sylvia's also accepts Pay Pal.
http://www.homeless youthservices. org/Generalpaypa l.html

Christmas Night, Dec. 25, John Williams of the Nowhere Bar (and now
Phoenix as well--congrats John!) and I will be cooking dinner again
for the kids at Sylvia's and YOU'RE INVITED!

Last year was a very special time, not only for the kids at Sylvia's,
but for all the sisters and friends who dropped by to spend a few
moments with our TLGB family. Ina, Hedda Lettuce, many of the members
of Crossdressers International and representatives and friends from
the NYPD all came by. it was a great night for us all, and I hope you
can all manage to come by for a visit and bite to eat. More details on
will follow.

Questions? Write me. Or phone: 914.457.5925

Let's ALL make this a wonderful Holiday Season for all of us, but
especially our younger brothers and sisters.

Mona Rae Mason

Trans Events USA. org

Metropolitian Community Church, New York, NY.

NY Times Giving Shelter: Portraits of Young Lives in Limbo


Help Out Homeless Transgendered Youth This Holiday Season

Sylvia Rae Rivera, 1951-2002, was a Stonewall Riots Veteran and LGBTQ/Drag Queen activist. Many will remember Sylvia as the Coordinator of the Food Pantry for Metropolitan Community Church of New York where she was a member. On her deathbed she insisted that Rev. Pat Bumgardner promise the church would create accommodation so that LGBTQ Youth could find a safe space to spend the night when all other options were exhausted.

Born from that promise is ‘Sylvia's Place’, an emergency night shelter for self identified Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, transgendered, transsexual and questioning youth from 16 to 23 years of age. Its primary focus is to provide a safe space, a good meal, bathroom facilities and toiletries, a cot for the night and breakfast in the morning. The Care Workers provide a listening ear, affirmation, and a friendly voice of encouragement.

Camens Place
Our aim at Carmen’s Place is to transform these young lives from the chaos and brutality of performing sexual acts for money, food or shelter and living in the streets, to stable adults contributing to society with a self-reliance that meets the best of each individual’s abilities, free of shame.

Food Donations:

322 East 14th St.
Between 1st and 2nd Aves
212 477 4744

@ MCC Church
W. 36TH St .
Between 9th and 10th Ave

Carmens Place
Father Braxton

Lucky S. Michaels, Director of MCCNY Homeless Youth Services
212-629-7440 Ext. 226.

Mona Rae Mason
The Transgender Project

Stopping The Hate