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Transgender newscaster Tashnuva Anan Shishir featured among Time's top 100 photos for 2021

Time featured her, flanked by co-workers during the monumental moment. 

Tashnuva Anan Shishir made history as Bangladesh's first transgender television news anchor by reading a three-minute news segment in Dhaka on March 8, International Women’s Day


To give you an idea about the importance of the unranked photos...

The photo preceding Shishir's is of the Gold Spa near Acworth, Ga., where a gunman killed eight people—including six women of Asian descent. The photo after her's is of President Joe Biden at the White House during a celebration of his inauguration.

Tashnuva Anan Shishir, a rights activist who previously worked with NGOs supporting transgender people and migrants became Bangladesh's first transgender news anchor. She read her first daily news bulletin for a private television channel on International Women’s Day.

The government, in 2013, allowed trans people to be recognized as a separate gender. They were allowed to register to vote as a third gender five years later.