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Vida Plena Negado: Trans Woman Slain in Mexico Minutes From Where Anges Torres Was Murdered

A young trans woman was found dead in Santa Isabel Cholula with her head stove in, her body showing signs of torture according to

This murder is only 21 Kilometers from Puebla Mexico where trans activist Anges Torres was burned to death in 2012.


For his part, the President of Vida Plena(Full Life) organization, dedicated to the defence of homosexual rights, Onán Vázquez Chávez, said that "there are indications to suspect that it is a crime for homophobia".

Vazquez recalled that in the past 14 years is a record reading of 29 crimes by homophobia in that State, of which only four have been resolved by the authorities.

"They are committing these crimes with the certainty that the authorities will not do anything and that is unfortunate," said the leader of Vida Plena.
Source Wikipedia on LGBT rights mexico:
Former assistant attorney for crime victims at the Federal District Attorney General's Office (PGJDF) Barbara Illan Rondero strongly criticized the lack of sensitivity and professionalism on the part of investigators in crimes committed against homosexuals and lesbians:

"I still can't determine if this is due to negligence, lack of preparation or down-right covering up, and is a matter that has to do with the intention of not solving these crimes because they carry no weight of importance".[19]
Alejandro Brito Lemus, director of the news supplement Letra S (Letter S), claimed that only four percent of gays and lesbians who suffer from discrimination present their complaints to authorities:

"In spite of the gravity of the aggressions suffered, the majority of gays, lesbians and transsexuals prefer to keep silent about what happens and to remain isolated in fear of being attacked again in revealing their sexual orientation".