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Setting FOX News Right! Ablow Stop Attacking Transgender Children

Yes Keith Ablow, homophobic transphobe and Fox News go to psychiatrist, a lesbian couple is giving hormone blockers to a prepubescent MTF transgender child.

Fox News once again needlesly attacks transgender people and in doing so panders to its right wing neocon religious demagogues ignoring the scientific community instead relying on its in house "experts" and hand picked transphobes.

But this time they have stepped over the line targeting the totally unprotected and vulnerable of the gender diverse, our children.

Fox News writer Perry Chiaramonte would have done well to read the the newly revised WPATH Standard of Care for gender variant children if he had any intention of authoring a article in the child's best interest, which obviously he did not.

From the beginning Chiaramonte needless did harm intentionally misgendering the child and as this article will be available to her as she grows older it will undoubtedly cause her great distress.

Chiaramonte seeks to somehow justify the articles assertion some wrongdoing is being committed by the parents. He interviews a author who wrote a book about unsecessfully transitioning even though Chiaramonte admits that these instances are nearly non existent the author offers this as some sort of evidence of parental wrong doing.

Finally the last two paragraphs get to the real reason this article was written.

A lesbian couple is raising a gender variant child consistent with HER innate sense of gender and not her biological gender.

That evidently was too much for discredited psychiatrist Keith Ablow, a Fox News contributor to stand by and wittiness but since he was blown up by his own anchor Megyn Kelly not long ago about transgender people, he needed a ghost writer to validate him.

Congratulations Abdow we can now add Perry Chiaramonte to the growing list of discredited humiliated Faux contributors. And congratulations Ablow for your apparent demotion from 'FOX Staff psychiatrist' to 'contributor'. Maybe next you will just stop hurting people?