Unfocused Hot Hetreo Mess

Focus on the Family found itself having a westboro baptist moment after being challanged to put up or shut up.
The unconsiounable methods employed by “Focus on the Family” exposed this groups real agenda, that of espousing hate and bigotry while maintaining a facade of decency. Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Alexander-Moegerle offered a public apology for the actions of James Dobson to among many others the gay community in 1997.
The Catholic Church followed in the shadows attempting to bully and intimidate citizens and legislatures.
The Catholic Church’s demise is not not celebrated by Christians, but it is undeniable. The demands of celibacy by Rome has resulted in the Catholic clergy being saturated with pedophiles. In evidence of the decline of respect by common people of the Catholic Church is thievery of Catholic material possessions.
Unthinkable only a short time ago.
The sad tale is undeniable.
Focus on the Family should concentrate on what it’s name implies.
The Catholic Church needs to discontinue it’s practice of denial and resorting to buying it’s way out of human responsibility.
Both organizations should not be concerned where we pee, for gods sake!


The real Focus on the Families silent Transgender

Enda has shamed and discredited American politics and the Human Rights Campaign.

The transgender advocates who speak in this video for equal rights for all Americans are the VOICES BEING HEARD. I applaud Kalil Cohen and his vision.

HRC's Marty Rouse states that in order for ENDA to be seriously heard in congress it has to be striped of gender inclusive language.

That was, is and will always be a lie.

ENDA in any form submitted to the Senate was doomed to fail. HRC knew that, Barney Frank knew that and contrary to HRC's claim, the 350+ groups who represent nearly every GLBT person in the United States who signed UNITEDENDA's letter of protest to the exclusion of gender language KNEW THAT.
When HRC failed to live up to a acceptable standard of conduct people suffered and died as a result. YES DIED.. HRC and Barney Frank both continue to lie and marginalize gender diverse people.

There is no remorse being displayed by either Frank or HRC, to the contrary Frank has continually uttered statements directed at the gender diverse that are intently inflammatory and hurtful. I suggest to my LGBT family that we take no excuse. I demand from HRC a accounting for this travesty. Call your local steering committee member and demand justice for you, your same sex partner and your children.
Inaction by you may result in your own family members pain