Thank You AFA for Providing the Email Platform to Contact DWTS

The AFA hiding behind the facade of a mothers organization has undertaken a email campaign targeting the sponsors of Dancing With The Stars. The proxy organization "One Million Moms.com is asking sponsors of the DWTS to withdraw there support now that Chaz Bono is sashaying on their show.

I emailed the sponsors using their form. (Click forms for a readable version)

I think its a wonderful idea made even better since I was able to insert a title and edit the note! So now instead of a letter attacking us it thanks and encourages the sponsors to do more for DWTS!

Just seconds later I received this email from Kohl's thanking me for contacting them and asking that they continue to support transgender people in entertainment.

I like this so much I will put a link on the AFA Facebook page thanking them personally!


London's Calling (AGAIN?): Transphobic Julie Bindel on Shortlist For a Diversity Award!

In 2008 I wrote the article London Calling : Transphobic Julie Bindel Nominated Writer of the year by Stonewall UK about this rad-fem transphobic woman who unbelievably was up for a journalistic award by London's gay advocacy group "Stonewall".

She did not receive that award due to the transgender and queer outrage. Stonewall decided at the last moment to avoid the negativity and condemnation that undoubtedly would have followed.

Now just a few years latter Julie Bindel is up for another award this one unbelievably is for diversity! !!OF ALL THINGS!!

Once again queers and trans people will be forced to take to the streets but this time Bindel has made another enemy, Muslim people.

You can get the details at

Picketing the European “Diversity” Awards
at Andy's Miscellany.

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