Watch: Cathy Brennan Geting Kicked OUT of the most LGBTQI Friendly Bar in London on Trans night

This is too funny in a sadly pathetic way.  Cathy Brennan got herself thrown out of arguably the most LGBTQI accepting bar in London, filmed it and posted it in a failed attempt at martyrdom on her facebook page! This is Brennan's most worst attempt at becoming a victim yet.

Brennan, but you just made a royal fool of yourself.

Seems Brennan's bullshit was bad enough that the Wotever Bar felt compelled to post a new Door Policy the next day in the event they have to deal with another troll like Brennan.

Posted on June 12,

Wotever does have an open door policy, and we respect and will engage with a variety of views.

However we also have a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech and harassment.

Anyone who stalks or harasses members of the Wotever audience is not welcome, and will not be allowed to enter Bar Wotever.

Any harassment should be reported to the RVT security and/or the police.

Bar Wotever aims to provide an open, engaging and safer space for the LGBTQQIAFF community and their allies.

Brennan is a TERF (trans exclusive Radical Feminist) has made her life long mission to bait trans people, as she was doing in that bar, into reacting to her emotionally. Then she attempts to portray herself as the victim as she did when she maliciously outed a teenage trans student to his school.

Lesbilicious has all the low down on this.

Dallas Council Woman finds it Unacceptable that a AIDS Awareness Billboard Presents Gay People As Acceptable

Dallas county has the highest rate of new HIV infections in Texas with 6,000 new infections reported every year and ranks among the highest nationally for teens contracting STDs due to the abstinence   based curriculum.

The Dallas Observer reports: But you can't plaster two gay dudes on a billboard in southern Dallas and expect it to fly with Dallas City Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill. She seems to fear the ad might have a corrupting influence on passersby. In an email to Fox 4's Shaun Rabb, she expressed concern that "African American men who engage in homosexual conduct [are] presented as acceptable" in the ad and that it amounts to an endorsement of homosexuality.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com