Texas bill to ban transgender students from sports heard again

We get the message Texas Republicans.

Governor Greg Abbott failed to get a bill to exclude transgender students from sports passed during the regular session and and failed to do so again during the first 'special session'. So having nothing better to do as the pandemic rages he tried again by making it a top priority during the second special session.

After a hearing that began at 10:30am and lasted until 6 am chair Dutton adjourned the hearing without a vote and left SB 2 pending.

Planet Trans would have like to attend the hearing but her community abandoned her when she was forced to retire due to covid and couldn't pay for the site anymore.

That and Equality Texas refused to acknowledge her existence, even committing acts of microaggression against her.

They fought well for the trans community that they felt worth fighting for which is better than nothing I suppose.

The future of SB 2 is unknown. A similar bill was heard in the same House committee chaired by Dutton during the regular session that ended by Dutton saying that a vote wouldn't be taken.

Later during the regular session, Dutton used transgender children as a tool of revenge against fellow democrats and passed it anyway. 


Three Colombian Transgender women killed over the weekend

Three Columbian transgender womnn were killed last weekend, between August 14, to August 15, 2021. According to the Bogata-based human rights organization Red Comunitaria they are Antonella, who was assassinated in Cali, Dayana, who was murdered in Rozo, Valle del Cauca, and Camila Ardila, from Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.  A popular pop star sung #NiUnaMás - #NotOneMore bringing tears of apperaction to those listening. Wholesale slaughter of transgender people in the western hemesphere According to Eltiempo.com, the cases have been registered in Valle del Cauca (7), Bogotá (5), Antioquia (3), Bolívar (2), Cesar (2), Tolima (1), Sincelejo (1), Quindío (1 ), Atlántico (1), Cundinamarca (1), Magdalena (1), Huila (1) and Caldas (1). However, it should be noted, organizations have warned that there is an underreporting and that the number of trans people killed for their gender identity is surely higher.

(In addition: Violence haunts trans women sex workers in Cali )

 In 2020, the organizations documented 32 murders during the year (31 women and 1 man), although the Ombudsman's Office only has information on 28 (27 women and 1 man ).

 The truth is it is expected that in 2021 that figure could be exceeded. As reported by this newspaper in its multimedia special ' The Trans Spring Storm' , with these records, Colombia is among the first places in the dishonorable list of countries where the lives of the trans population are most violated.

 The research project Transrespect versus Transphobia in the World (TvT) confirmed this in its last report, in which it documented 350 murders of trans and gender-diverse people between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. (Read on: Hidden violence against trans men in the country )

The data showed that Central and South America, with 82% of the cases (287), is the most violent region.
There is the highest number of murders in a single country: Brazil, with 43% of the total deaths of that period (152 people).
And they are followed by Mexico, with 57;
The United States, with 28;
Colombia, with 21 ,
and Argentina, with 12.

This places this population as one of the most vulnerable, especially trans women. The causes are attributed to a phenomenon known as 'double discrimination', since they face the violation of their rights for being women and for being trans people.