QueerToday.com Organizing HRC Protest in Boston

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Boston – QueerToday.com activists and allies will protest the annual Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Dinner at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on October 25 at 5pm.

The group is working to build a coalition of trans and queer activists, anti-war activists, and women’s rights activists to protest HRC’s lack of grassroots coalition building, support for pro-war and anti-choice candidates, and support of a non-inclusive version of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA).

“It’s time to show HRC what real solidarity looks like,” said Trevor Wright of QueerToday.com, “transgender and labor activists united in San Francisco to build the largest protest ever of HRC, and we plan to show the country Boston can too!”


CrackerLilo said...

As a bi woman, I never felt like the HRC had my back, either, just wanted me to shut up and give them money. I can only imagine what transgendered people must have felt after that ENDA debacle. I was absolutely disgusted by it. They don't get another dime from me.

Have you read the book "Falling Angels," by Tracy Chevalier? It's a historical novel set in the Edwardian era. One of the main characters is a well-born suffragette. Her group has gathered in her parlor. Her maid is inspired by one particularly gifted orator, and is asked to donate. She's willing to give the paltry amount she's able, which is, of course, a *lot* to her. Then she understands that the women are only fighting for the right of *upper-class* women to vote. The maid not only doesn't donate, she rips right into the women who appealed to her sense of sisterhood in an effort to get her very hard-earned money but don't consider her their sister where it counts.

I think of that maid a *lot* with the HRC, and with other wacktivists like John Aravosis.

Queers United said...

I think all of the passion and efforts being directed against HRC would be better directed against our real enemies which is the republican party and christian right. While HRC is def not trans friendly, it isnt an enemy, and there are plenty of groups working to ruin lives of trans people.