Spencer Morgan, Beautiful Woman

By Kelli Busey
August 28, 2008

Living large and authentic in NYC . Jamie Clayton is what many of us ladies aspire to. She is open and sensual, caring but sure of her own self worth. She lives in full openness as to her identity but does not wish to make it the focal point of her life.
In this New York observer article titled "The Second Most Beautiful Girl in New York" author Spencer Morgan details the struggle that transgender woman must honestly face in relationships and in life.

We in the transgender world have become all to familiar with the heart wrenching sadness as we come to terms with yet another brutal murder of a young woman. But the ordeal is far from over as the media falls over each other in a race to riches at the victims expense only to have the crime forgiven by a judge who allows for another gender panic defense.

Our pain in the faith community is excaberated by our own GLBT churches which seem not to notice or care, but instead feed information to congregations that misleads them or keeps them uninformed.
These reasons are why we transgender people must take full responsibility for our lives. We can examine this young life and learn from her.

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Unknown said...

Live your life the way you want to. Be true to yourself. Are just some of the motto's I live by. So I have no problem with GLBT's. But, I do have question.

With regards to natural heterosexual males, "What happens if a transgender women is approached by a "unsuspecting" natural heterosexual male? Should she disclose that she was really born a male? If not, is this right? What about the unsuspecting heterosexual male?