Day Of Remberance, Transgender people mourn our dead

The Transgender Day of remberence, November 20, 2008 is a annual event held by transgender people worldwide to solomly come together and remember the transgender people who violence has claimed from us.

It is not a event for orginizations who benifit in sales of our on going trajedy.

HRC to avoid the trama of 2007, http://www.washblade.com/2007/11-22/news/localnews/11602.cfm HRC DO NOT HOLD A DOR. You are expecialy NOT welcome November 20, 2008.

Your continued adherence to a agenda which EXCLUDES transender people from ENDA MAGINLIZES transgender pepole while you continue to profit in the MILLIONs nightly at your "Black Tie Dinners."

The DOR belongs to transgender people. It is our family that has been victimized.

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