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Trans group forms to combat defamation and it’s about TIME!

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(For group specifics and mission statement click the ‘about us’ page
for instructions to become a contributor)

Invitation to form and participate with TIMEblog.org A Trans
identified and led group of advocate journalists from Australia, New
Zealand, Canada and United States of American.

I am writing you because of our shared passion that transgender people
be treated with dignity.

How many times have we been assailed by gay media with the word
‘tranny’ being used as a pejorative?

How any times have we responded individually hoping for a larger
transender community response to back us up on a offenders blog?

How many times have we as a community been gang raped by gay media in
articles purportedly desiring goodwill dialogue with trans people that
in realty were thinly disguised efforts crafted to antagonize and
dehumanize us?

How many times have you felt as I have, powerless, when responding on
my blog knowing good and well I was only reaching 1/10th of the
audience as the offending gay blog?

How many times have we watched mainstream media pickup on gay media’s
predatory practices, parrot the offending gay media’s offensive
behaviour therby gaining attention exponentially.

How many times have you shared my sense of disempowerment when the gay
organization GLAAD, as admirable an ally as they are, is the only
organization to speak for transgender people?

How often have we been frustrated by GLAAD’s unwillingness to confront
Gay people and groups who are presently allowed to defame trans people
with impunity?

We will confront gay media without hesitation with every tool avaliable.

I have conducted a survey of trans identified people on TransAction
ConVergence. The results http://bit.ly/gLVkl4 of this survey provides
us with a mandate to speak on behalf of the trans community.

One tenet of TIME will be our vocal objection to ‘tranny’ being used
in Cisgender media no matter whether gay or hetero.

We will voice condemnation when religious groups denigrate us. Their
misrepresentation and defamation of trans people in religious media is
a major factor in for our present position in society.

There will be occasions when issuance of statements and blog posts
will be insufficient to bring about change. In these instances we will
initiate email campaigns, letters to the editor of local papers and
phone calls.

If all else fails, protests are the last option and will be done if possiable.

The group will be called ‘transsexual’ because the survey indicated
that moniker is most favored for people who identify under the trans

We will further identify ourselves as exactly how we identify in the
‘About page’. I would like to include a contributors (thats you) page.
You will be given the option to upload a picture and be as forthcoming
as possiable about yourself and where you live. Remember, visibility
is one our greatest tools in creating a sense of familiarity with and
acceptance from cisgender people.

Also, posting detailed information about yourself will help to silence
our detractors of which there will undoubtedly be many and be
forewarned, you may be targeted with misinformation and personal
attacks, some even comming from own community!

As a organization, banding together transgender bloggers and activists
and armed with factual evidence of transgender sensitivities we will
dismantle gay misogony and hetero transphobia in media. As never
before we will have a voice.

I see a organization run by individual bloggers and activists
belonging to Timeblog.org each acting autonomously, Each possessing
her/his unique abilities and passions cross posting from their own
blogs on Time. Each contributor will be empowered with equal abilities
to issue statements on behalf of TIME when necessary, condeming or

A core group of officers led by myself will reserve the authority to
censure and/or remove contributors who do not understand the purpose
of or abuse TIME.

Our power united we will easily overcome our singular adversaries.
Together we can do this.

Hoping you will join this endeavour. We are nothing without you.

We are unstoppable with you.


kelli Anne Busey
Its about TIME!

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