Transgender/Gay divorce proccess paper served: Mili*ary DADT Exclusion last straw!


This Petition is for dissolution of marriage and it is alleged on oath as follows:

1. Petitioner resides at Any street, Every Town, Every State and has resided there since at least 1706 and (90) days immediately prior to the filing of this Petition.

2. Petitioner and Respondent were shotgunned married during the 1990's resulting in the T being assimilated into the gay acronym GLB in the USA with the marriage being recognized worldwide.

3. The parties were separated on or before September 27, 2007 .

4. There are six identities born to or adopted by the Parties. The names and dates of birth are: Questioning, Bisexual, Intersex ,Asexual, Gender gifted, Gender Queer. All were born ? years BC. The trans complainant is now pregnant with multiple identities and expressions.

5. Petitioner and Respondent are enter into an Agreement resolving all issues of the marriage, which is recorded in their Identity Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan, a true and correct copy of which is attached to this Complaint as Exhibit �A�.

6. Petitioner is mainly unemployed and underemployed, being discriminated against during and after transition. Respondent is usually employed not directly affected by sexual affinity in the work place and now in the armed forces service of his/her country.

7. There is no reasonable likelihood that the marriage between Petitioner and Respondent can be preserved, and therefore, the marriage is irretrievably broken.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays for its orders:

a. dissolving the marriage between the Petitioner and Respondent;

b. dividing the marital properly between Petitioner and Respondent according to law and settling all marital and non-marital identity and expression issues of the parties and resolving child issues as specified in the attached Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan;

c. and granting such other and further relief as to this Court seems just and proper in the circumstances.

Petitioner wishes to retain the umbrella identity of Transgender and not be associated with the name of "gay" or "gay agenda" upon the date of the divorce.

Transsexual Community, USA___________________________________

Signature of Petitioner


Gay people agree not to use transgender/transsexual peoples name or identity in organization names which do not have transgender people in membership or advocate for transgender corcerns. Drag performers will now be recognized with a "gay" name if the performer identifies themselves as cisgender.

Further more, gay people commit to discontinue using 'tranny' a slanderous pejorative for revenue and commercial purposes. Gay people also promise not to use pejoratives defaming trans people in cisgender media for the purposes of creating sensationalist extrinsic controversy intended to exacerbate discord within the divorced parties.


Many in trans community, already up in arms after Congressman Barney Franks offered his latest deceptions regarding 2010 ENDA's debacle blaming gender issues. Meaning if, transgender people had not been written (Married to gay people) in in the first place ENDA would have succeeded. Many are now calling for this Divorce so I thought I would write this petition.

And now we get left out of theDAD* repeal!

I'll Tell you what is wrong!

Which dead son or daughter is GAY Transgender?

Our exclusion from DAD* tipped the scales. Weighed heavily already with trans activists anger over the continued attempted gay assimilation and profiteering at the expense of the people under the trans umbrella has many, including myself ask, what is needed to repair this relationship?

Really then, what are we trying to repair? At best trans people are in the receiving end of of this predatory relationship.

  • We are constantly attacked with pejoratives from many in the gay community.

    • We are constantly left out of the important national equal rights progress.

      • We are blamed for the failure of civil rights by unscrupulous gay politicians.

        • The self appointed 'supposed' leaders of the trans community have lied and deceived our community about ENDA proving they are in bed with the gay power brokers.

            Sometimes goodbye is a hello. Hello to true allies who would not exclude us who would not use our accpation as a pity tool to raise money for there agenda not parody us as comical jester like clowns in booze fired fundraisers?

            When those we hold the dearest are the ones who harm us the most it's time for a change. Just ask my biological 'family', wherever they are. They could confirm I am strong enough personally to present and be faithful to a commitment for divorce.

            Its time for our trans family to do the same. We want a divorce.

            planet trans said...

            I am a little off the mark with this post. The truth is we can not openly serve as long as our gender gift is listed in the DSM. Obviosly the gay community could not wait for us to be de-listed like they had been so very many years ago.

            Robyn said...

            It's hard for me to say this without sounding racist, but believe me, I am NOT. But we are sick and tired of being treated as the niggers of the GLBT world. We are recognized when our presence will help the cause, and denounced when it appears--in the eyes of some more bigoted segments of the community--to hinder their goals.

            Kelli, you are right-on, sister. It's time we stop wasting our time supporting those who don't give a s*it about us.

            Dee Omally said...

            Hi lovely insightful sisters!

            Yes!!! It's not just me who thinks this way! OK Class! Test question A. Read the statement and select the one item that has nothing in common with the rest. (1) L (2) B (3) G (4) T

            The correct answer: T


            The acronym [LGB] represents persons who engage in part or full-time love/sex RELATIONSHIPS (inter) between at least TWO persons of the SAME gender. Period.

            The letter [T] represents persons who PRACTICE (intra) either part or full time, either medically or not, some or all of the gender-specific characteristics opposite to their birth gender as DEFINED BY their native society. Period.

            So LGB is anchored in gender. T is not. LGB is about relationships. T is not. An LGB livestyle requires at least two persons. A T transition does not.

            The LGBT union insofar as the T is concerned was a failed one from the start. The NAACP did not begin as NAACBA group. (National Assoc. for advancement of COLORED BROWN ASIAN persons). Too much unity can and will lead to dilution.

            Dee Omally said...

            The NAACP founders, by focusing only on "colored", ensured that all future victories would provide concentrated returns for African-Americans. They were not against other minorities.

            Likewise a divorce from the LGBT union would not possess an anti-LGB spirit. This failed relationship was a matter of numbers. There simply are too few of us in the T category by far.

            Indeed, the DADT fight was never an LGBT fight. IT stopped where the B ended and the T began.

            It is do or die time. It is time to stand up and be counted. The DADT victory is NOT an LGBT victory. This is beyond conclusive proof that we who are T were hoodwinked to think we were family and we were---in name only.

            Dee Omally said...

            I have served in uniform for the U.S at the federal, state, and county levels in law enforcement. I believe in the Christmas story and that we are a blessed nation unique in human history. I am also nearing completion of my successful GRT (gender reassignment transition) journey.

            Fellow transgender brothers and sisters, the DADT fight will proceed without us but one thing is certain: we have been handed the baton. Each generation is tasked with making it easier for the next. Our cause is justice and equality as honorable TG Americans.

            First, we must divorce (LGB-T). Second we must remarry (Unite all TG support groups). Third, we must study and adopt the strategy exercised by the anti-DADT warriors. Fourthly, we must implement this strategy and spare no cost or sacrifice as we run toward the finish line. All transgender children born or unborn are counting on us. Let us not fail them.

            Dee Omally said...

            I have referred to the NAACP. It is a (N)National (in scope)(A)association for the (A)advancement (toward equality) of all (C)colored (black) (P)persons.

            We who are TG also seek (N)national (A)advancement toward equality. We are (T)transgender "in color" (P)persons.

            We share a genetic genesis for assignment of race or gender. We share the same consequences of phobia up to and including deprivation of life merely for EXISTING. It has become "self-evident" that we who are TG must acquire strong leadership, become equipped, get in formation and march forth. It literally is struggle of life or death. TG Americans do not have equality by default. We are going to to have to climb out on the limb and reach for it, even if we fall trying.

            Delphi Lomeli

            Dee Omally said...

            The march to equality began years ago through the efforts of other honorable and valiant TG Americans. Many outstanding TG groups exist and have accomplished much. The LGBT union proved to be a union in name only. The LGB fight is to the T fight as the "colored" is to other races. We do not seek the right to be equal despite who we have sex with, but we seek equality despite who we ARE.

            We recognize that being transgender should not be an impediment any more than being male or female is. A Transgender journey is not a trans-species journey yet too often we are treated as if it were.

            It is past time (since the 90's) to form our very own NAACP however this is not 1909. One hundred years later technology has recreated the tower "of Babel" and the world has become one through the power of the internet. I welcome all feedback relating to my proposition that we stop, lick our wounds, and regroup under the IAATP (International Association for the Advancement of Transgender Persons) as my blog is entitled.

            Love, hugs, and kisses

            Delphi Lomeli
            (at your service)