Danish Reporter Søren Østergaard Jensen: Transgender Family "Freak Show"

A Danish TV reporter while interviewing the editor of a new LGBT magazine calls a transgender people a "Freak Show" with "perverted desires".

According to AutoTrans Blogspot Danish news reporter Søren Østergaard Jensen referred to transgender people as “weirdos with perverse desires" while interviewing "Proud" magazine editor Tina Kristensen about a transgender parented family.

TV 2 doesn't think it needs to apologigize and issued this statement;
- TV 2 l East Jutland has no prejudices against either gay, transgender and other sexual minorities. Quite the contrary. We invite them like inside and that was what happened in the program Good Evening Jutland, where the presenter Søren Ø. Jensen interviewed the editor of a new gay magazine. An informative program where all viewers will learn about life as a homosexual and transsexual. Following the broadcast, both the studio host and I have been attributed several motives and I - based on a quote that was taken out of context - among other things called a biased TV2 boss. Let me stress that I and Good Evening Jutland is the exact opposite. We are interested in living for all shades of life and have great respect for the challenges of a life as a transsexual or homosexual offers, "says managing editor Eva Kvist. TV 2 Jutland East

LGBT Denmark condemned TV 2:
"- TV 2 media will appear as an exponent of marginalization, one-sided production of sex and a valuation or ranking where transgender placed at the bottom of a hierarchy. LGBT Denmark - National Association for Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people - will find this extremely regrettable. The association believes that the news broadcast coverage to transgender was not fair and honest, " says Sebastian Svegaard trans political spokesperson for LGBT Denmark"

Wait its not over!
Martin Miller Aamand, editor of panbladet.dk a gay magazine in a example of blatant gay transphobia defends the reporters remarks Here apparently saying the transphobic remarks were taken out of context. It also appears he believes these remarks that have sparked international condemnation are simply healthy conversation.

Email TV. 2. Tell them you are not a "Freak Show" redaktion@tv2oj.dk

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libhom said...

I didn't realize that this kind of transphobia was so strong in Europe. I guess I'm naive about that.