Satan's Spawn, Greg Abbott recalls the legislature for the third time

How many children will Greg Abbott sacrifice on the GOP's alter of extreme politics?  The parents of cisgender children statewide are wondering as they openly reject his ban on masks.

How many victims of rape will kill themselves instead of birthing a relative's child?

How long will gender-diverse children continue to face twice the mortality rate as their cisgender counterparts because of Abbott's war on transgender children? 

How many times must we go to Austin sit overnight in that mecca of covid infested republican hate and listen to their lies and misgendering?

Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday announced a third special legislative session that will begin on Sept. 20 and tackle redistrictingrestrictions on transgender student athletes and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, reports the Texas Tribune.

Abbott has waged war on LGBT+ people and women since 2017 and he will continue to do it until President Biden ends the Filibuster and expands the Supreme Court.

Time is short. Biden must do more than just promise to "have our backs" or democracy will die in this festering hate-filled red state.

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