Transgender woman stabbed to death in São Luís, Brazil.

Transgender woman Lara Vinny, was stabbed to death last Saturday (18), in São Luís, Brazil. According to the police, she was killed near the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA), in the Itaqui-Bacanga area.

Lara was found half-naked and with the murder weapon, a knife, still in her neck

On Twitter, [trans woman] @pepê_poetamarginal wrote about her friend's murder: “They killed my sister Lara viny in front of Ufma. Even when we are in prostitution, as it is the only way to survive for some, they kill us. I always took her down to the dancefloor. Several times we woke up on the ring road, taking care of each other. I love you black. Crying a lot”.

The [trans woman] also complained about the fact that Lara Vinny is being buried in men's attire.

“Damn, the cruel death that viny had is no longer enough, the family is covering her body with men's clothes, we are not respected at any time, not even in life and much less after death”, wrote @pepê_poetamarginal.

According to police information, Lara Vinny was seen arguing with a man who allegedly fled the scene on a motorcycle after the murder. Police officers launched an investigation to try to identify and arrest the suspect.

According to the TransLivesMatter website Lara Vinny is the 19th Brazilian transgender person murdered since the last TDoR on November 20, 2021.

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