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Slaughter of IRAQ Gay and Transgender Unchallenged Human Rights Watch

August 17, 2009 the Human Rights Watch (HRW) published "They Want Us Exterminated" Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq

AP Press Human Rights Watch: Iraqi gays tortured and killed

"BAGHDAD (AP) -- Militiamen are torturing and killing gay Iraqi men with impunity in a systematic campaign that has spread from Baghdad to several other cities, a prominent human rights group said in a report."

"Murders are committed with impunity, admonitory in intent, with corpses dumped in garbage or hung as warnings on the street," the 67-page report said.

"Reliable numbers weren't available, Human Rights Watch said, blaming a combination of the failure of authorities to investigate such crimes and the stigma preventing families from reporting the deaths. But it cited a well-informed U.N. official as saying in April that the death toll was probably "in the hundreds."


Rally In The Castro, May 17th : IRAQ STOP KILLING GAYS

San Francisco LGBT Community Rallies for LGBT Iraqis: Leaders Want End to Torture and Murder

(San Francisco, CA) – A broad united coalition of human rights advocates and politicians will hold a spirited rally this Sunday, May 17, in solidarity with the LGBT citizens of Iraq, who face surging violence and killings. Since 2004, hundreds of gay men have been killed or executed in Iraq. LGBT people in Iraq are targeted by clerics reviving religious pressure against gays leading to killings and by militias seeking rally their bases. Recent reports out of Baghdad document the gruesome gluing of anuses of gay men, who are forced to swallow laxatives, leading to death by diarrhea, come amid continuing genital mutilation.

Responding to the atrocities, San Francisco LGBT community holds a demonstration to support the LGBT Iraqis.

WHERE: Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro and Market Streets
DATE: Sunday, May 17
TIME: 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Speakers: Sen. Mark Leno, Supervisor Bevan Dufty, SF Police Commission Pres,ident Theresa Sparks, Karen Kai of Rainbow World Fund, Rev. Lea Brown of the Metropolitan Community Church, Rev. Tommy Dillon of St. Aidan's Episcopal Church, Debra Walker of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, political artist Clinton Fein, and community organizers Michael Petrelis and Gary Virginia of Gays Without Borders.

Rainbow World Fund, the LGBT international humanitarian relief charity, is serving as the fiscal sponsor, and donations made through it are tax-deductible. Donations will be used to provide direct aid to the Iraqi LGBT community.


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LGBT In Iraq is a Death Sentence | LGBT في العراق حكم الاعدام

العربية الانجليزية مترجم جوجل في الجانب الأيمن
كيلي وBusey

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people in Iraq are being routinely hunted and murdered. Those LGBT people who have gone under ground can not contact their relatives out of fear that their own family will kill them.

The BBC is verifying this horrifying reality. Transgender people who prior to the American occupation were living authentically have all been murdered. The remaining queer community living in terror are now being stopped by local militia's and humiliated, beaten, dismembered and burned to death.

How many gay men have ever put on a piece of women's clothing? In Iraq this would be your fate.

BBC NEWS|Middle East|Iraqi gays face 'lives of hell'

Gays killed in Baghdad as clerics urge clampdown

Americans Killing Gay people in IRAQ وقف إعدام العراقيين مثلي الجنس


IRAN : Death Penalty for Children and Dissenting Blogger وقف الطفل الجانح الإعدام في إيران

Source AlJazeera English March 24, 2009 المصدر الجزيرة الانجليزية 24 مارس

"The number of state-sanctioned executions almost doubled last year."

"A report by Amnesty International shows Iran, Saudi Arabia and China as being responsible for 90 per cent of all executions in 2008."

"Now, Iran is proposing a new law that could see the death sentence imposed on internet bloggers who post offensive material on the web."

Al Jazeera's Nazanin Sadri reports.

At planetransgender I seek to contact LGBT people in countries that I've had have few visitors from or have a goverment that persecutes LGBT people. Recently I've had some readers from Iran, brave people who refuse to live in shackles. These people's lifes are now in danger.

Take Action! Stop Child Offender Executions in Iran! وقف الطفل الجانح الإعدام في إيران

Click here to take action.


Americans Killing Gay people in IRAQ وقف إعدام العراقيين مثلي الجنس

IRAQ LGBT a U.K. based LGBT rights group operating in exile is claiming that the result of the American lead occupation is that the goverment and religious elements in IRAQ are committing genocide against LGBT people. The Vatican and many extremist religious elements in the United States and the U.K. have denounced of the recent UN declaration calling for decriminalization of homosexuality which has resulted in religious credence to genocide.

Iraq To Begin Executing Gays

"The UK-based exile group Iraq-LGBT claims that the U.S.-installed government in Iraq is about to commence executing gay people for their sexuality. More than 100 prisoners in Iraq are facing execution – and many of them are believed to have been convicted of the ‘crime’ of being gay, the UK-based Iraqi-LGBT group revealed this afternoon."

STOP EXECUTIONS OF GAY IRAQIS "Urgent action is needed to halt the execution of 128 prisoners on death row in Iraq. Many of those awaiting execution were convicted for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality, according to IRAQI-LGBT, a UK based organisation of Iraqis supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Iraq."

النظام العراقي الحاكم بدعم من قوى الاحتلال الامريكي والبريطاني هو المسؤول عن تفاقم وانتشار العنف الطائفي والمذهبي

غداة دخول قوات الاحتلال الى العراق انتشرت الفوضى والفساد وفقد اي احساس بالامن والامان لدى المواطن العراقي العادي.
ومع ظهور الاحزاب الدينية المدعومة من قبل المرجعيات, وانتشار المليشيات وفرق الموت وتورط الاحزاب في قتل المواطنين وارتكاب الفظاعات من تطهير عرقي على الهوية والخلفية المذهبية .

ولم تستثنى الاقليات الدينية والمذهبية واقليات اخرى مثل مثليي الجنس الذين تم قبولهم واثبتوا انسجامهم واندماجهم في المجتمع العراقي على مر الازمان وخصوصا في عهد النظام السابق.

اما اليوم وبعد ظهور حكومات تستقي قراراتها من مرجعيات النجف, ولعل هيمنة رجال الدين في الحياة السياسية واليومية في الشارع

والمشهد العراقي خير دليل على ما الى اليه العراق اليوم


"The Iraqi regime is backed by the forces of U.S. and British occupation is responsible for the aggravation and the spread of sectarian violence and religious After the occupation forces entered Iraq to spread chaos and corruption and the loss of any sense of security and safety to the average Iraqi citizen. With the emergence of religious parties backed by the authorities, and the proliferation of militias and death squads and the parties involved in the killing of citizens and the atrocities of ethnic cleansing on a background of sectarian identity. Did not exclude religious minorities and religious and other minorities such as homosexuals who have been accepted and proved harmony and integration of Iraqi society over time, especially in the era of the former regime. But today, after the emergence of Governments derive from its terms of reference of Najaf, and the dominance of the clergy in political and daily life in the Iraqi street scene and the best proof of it is to Iraq today."